Choosing The Right Bowling Ball

Bowling Ball Buying 101
Which Ball Is For Me?
For the beginner or casual bowler, the vast selection of ball choices can be overwhelming and confusing. However with a little knowledge and information, choosing the right ball is not as difficult as it might seem. The most important choice is the type of coverstock on your ball which is explained next. Our staff can help you decide the best way to go - keeping in mind your style, ability, and budget.
The coverstock or surface material of the ball is the most important element in ball performance because it makes contact with the lane surface and determines the amount of friction produced as the ball travels down the lane. More friction usually produces more hook while less friction results in more skid or slide.
Polyester - Introduced 1960
Polyester, also known as plastic, has the least friction of today's coverstocks. They are great entry level balls because of easy control, an array of vivd colors, and low price. These balls are also used as a "second" ball for spare shooting because of their harder surface and minimal hook.
Urethane - Introduced 1981
A very durable coverstock which is somewhat more pourus than polyester. Urethane also produces better pin action than polyester and is considered to have moderate hook potential. A good choice as a "step up" from plastic at a reasonable price. Once "all the rage" urethane has taken a back seat to today's high power performance balls, however they are still a good choice when performance, control, and price are important.
Reactive Resin - Introduced 1992
Reactive balls get their name from their tendency to "react" more to variances in lane conditions and operator ability. These chemically enhanced balls are available in many models for varying skill levels. They offer the most versatility and pin action and lots of "hook potential". Reactive balls by nature are less durable than polyester and urethane, however the striking power they provide is a huge plus.
Particle (Pro-Active) - Introduced 1998
Simply put, Reactive balls on steroids. Designed for maximum friction and maximum reaction in oil. Great for the bowler whose high ball speed prevents reactive balls from reacting or the tournament bowler who encounters frequent heavily oiled lane conditions. The addition of minute particles to surface of the ball is what provides the "snow tire like" lane grabbing effect.
Hybrid coverstocks on bowling balls are the latest rage in both high performance and mid-level performance equipment. As the name implies, these balls attempt to retain the best features of various coverstocks and blend them into surfaces which are both specialized in their performance, yet versatile for a wider range of lane conditions.